Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweets for Your Sweet

At work we do various fund raising events through out the year and for this month it was name "Sweets for Your Sweet" . Everyone was to dust off their recipe books and bring in their favourite baked item. Well.....anyone who knows me knows that baking stresses me out and is just not my cup of tea. I was determined to prove to my co-workers that I too could do this baking thing and not go to a store or bakery to pick something up. I found a terrific recipe in a Kraft magazine called Banana Sour Cream Cake. Looked fairly easy so gave it a shot.

The cake turned out perfectly so thought I would pair it up with a Valentine's card.


Anonymous said...

Very funny ! Imagine my surprise/shock to see a cake on your blog. I think I said "Oh No" out loud. Anyway, I love the matching card.

LindaH said...

baaahahaha! love both the cake and the card. i don't bake either, it also stresses me out. and i REFUSE to bake anything for work since i don't even bake anything for my kids!

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