Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quiet Weekend!

How unusual for us to have a quiet weekend in the middle of summer..... mind you it was quite fine by me considering it always seems we are burning the candle at both ends these days! Went to a birthday party Friday night then worked around home most of the day Saturday, decided to order a pizza and stay in for the evening. Today we went out for breakfast and then grocery shopping, friends dropped in so had a great visit in the gazebo. Now getting ready for another work week!!!

In my last post I sure got a big chuckle after reading my BFF's comment............. apparently I thought I coloured a muffin but in actual fact it was an ice cream cone.............. I guess that just proves my point that I have no business in a kitchen.

Just wondering if anyone could help me out with my picture taking............. the pictures I take of my cards sure do not do them any justice. No matter what settings I try they are not bright and vibrant like I think they should be.................HELP ME! I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Coloured this card using copics and pencils, cut out with nesties, layered on black base, added grommets and twine. The look I was after was masculine and do you think I did?


Anonymous said...

Lens cap off?Did you clean your lens? I think you have an issue with lighting too. If I'm not mistaken,there is info on SCS about taking pics in one of the forums. Love this image, manly yes but I like it too,....... can you name that commercial ? LOL! ;) Tracy

JazzyH said...

Very pretty!

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